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Green Peridot and Multi Agate Gemstone Bracelet

Handmade gemstone bracelets

This handmade bracelet, is designed with two various gemstones: Peridots and Multi-Agates. Each Multi-Agate gemstone is a wonderfully unique piece that entails a glorious variety of colors and shapes. Each one is a nice combination of colors of amber to coppers, dark forest greens, hazy sea opals, and medium to dark browns. Then beautifully in between are elongated two-paired ovals of peridot gemstones. Each one is an eye-catching notification of all tubular pieces of true and fabulous peridots creating their originality of long ovals in between the multi-agate gemstones. Also are pairs of dangling copper oval accents with acient queens to princesses on the fronts of them in between the multi-agate gemstones, and a small handmade multi-agate gemstone dangling at the end of the 14K gold-filled lobster claw clasp for ease of comfort to wear. :)