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Onyx and Smoky Quartz Double Strand Gemstone Bracelet

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A double stranded bracelet which is handmade with a varied blend of gemstones. Round, puffed cuts of dark black onyx gemstones are snuggled between chips of smoky quartz gemstones one one strand and sparkling aurora borealis light gray glass beads to add subtle color. Round black and white crackled onyx gemstones are also blended with diagonally-cut smoky quartz cubes. "Antiqued" silver accents bring a light vintage appeal and the bracelet is completed with a silver toggle clasp which makes the bracelet easy to attach and remove. Strands measure between 7.75" and 8" in lengths, allowing for one of the strands to lay across the other making an elegant accessory. Onyx is a gemstone believed to be a grounding stone, which can be helpful in deflection or to absorb negativity. It is also thought to be excellent for protection. Smoky Quartz is believed to be grounding as well. It is used to help relieve stress and absorb negativity and bring about uplifting and relaxing feelings. Smoky Quartz also helps with detoxification and to enhance spiritual awareness.