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Gemstone Handmade Bracelets 102

Red Coral Tree with Bronze Coin Double Gemstone Bracelet

Handmade bracelets

This is a very nice handcrafted gemstone bracelet. Measuring 8" in length, it is 'double' strands in the design. One strand shows it has been handmade with noticeable large and deep red puffed coral nuggets. The nuggets have natural black implecation you may see, that are slightly seen as the coral in this design shows that it demonstrates natures very slight, but natural shows. :) Inbetween the coral nuggets, you will see clusters of deep colored, but salty and hazy elongated with natural curves and dips of underwater coral branches. There is also sparatic medium sized deep red and natural coral of these nuggets in the middle of the underwater coral branches. Round, and bronzed 'coins' will be on opposite sides of these coins for a Grecian impression of this bracelet design. :)

The other side of the bracelet strand has the exact style of the opposite strand of this bracelet. The only impression you may notice is not the coin style on this side of the design. Just to have it on the opposing side may give the Grecian design for this bracelet, which is subtle and new coloring stylish. :) The bracelet is completed with a nice and vintage 14K gold-filled double-strand clasp. It is perfect for removing and adding on for security. :)

Handmade bracelets

All the coral in this bracelet design is retrieved as 'Underwater Coral', and is all that is utilized in this style. None of the coral here is factory-farmed, as it is all underwater and very rare. Coral is also a protective entity for a person's digestive system and brain system, as has been specified from many people. :)