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Silver, Black and Gray Sparkle Beaded Necklace Set

Handmade Beaded Necklace Sets

This 25" beaded necklace set is handmade with large, chunky beads. Largest shiny, gray sparkle beads illuminate brilliantly with lovely facets all around their surfaces while they are in between pairs of smaller black rondelle beads. These black beads have colorful aurora borealis bands which stretch across the outside middle of their surfaces. For exceptional dazzling, smaller sterling silver round beads, which have smooth surfaces, are embedded in between pairs of the black beads throughout the necklace. This is a nice, yet slight heaviness accessory to accompany any attire with its warming colors and shine. Completed with a Bali sterling silver etched toggle clasp for ease and security.


Handmade beaded necklace sets with earrings

Matching 2" earrings, on silver French ball earwires, are handmade with pairs of small sterling silver round beads and large gray sparkle faceted beads. Sterling silver beads dangle down below the design on the bottom.

Set: $122