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Sponge Coral Beaded Necklace Set

handmade beaded necklace sets

A 20.5" necklace handmade with rectangular and "coin" shaped sponge coral beads. Bali sterling silver flower beads are situated in between the sponge coral beads, and the necklace is completed with a Bali sterling silver decorative toggle clasp.

The sponge coral we utilize in our handmade beaded designs do NOT come from wild or federally protected reefs. Our coral is sustainably harvested from farm-raised reefs in efforts to help protect wildlife and maintain the beauty of oceanic reefs.


handcrafted beaded necklace sets

Matching earrings are 1.5" in length, and are placed with petite sterling silver beads which are placed on top and bottom of the sponge coral. Afixed to sterling silver French earwires.

Set: $100