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Beaded Choker Sets - 308

Aqua Teal and Sky Blue Beaded Choker Set

handmade beaded choker sets

A soothing and relaxing beaded choker which is handmade by artisans in the Czech Republic, and is lightly painted with sparkling "gold" hues after their glass work. The lovely coloring of light aquas and sky blues is evident in this choker that measures in between 15.75 - 16" inches total around the neckline. This choker has the smaller glass beads with deep blues and has an outlay with small rounding circles in center in bronze. The choker has skinnier aqua blue beads that has lightly silver hues around them, and then has egg-shaped aqua blue glass beads that also has outlays with golds and silver hues wrapped in the centers of them.The choker is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp at top.


handmade beaded choker sets

Detailed image of the sky blue and bronze smaller glass beads and the egg-shaped aqua teal with gold painted and the sandwich-ed aqua teal beads that has gold-silver paint etchings in the center of them.


handmade beaded choker sets

Matching 1" beaded earrings, handmade with two egg-shaped aqua teal oval-glass beads. Various sizes of sparkling gold colors are handpainted and wrapped around the center of the beads. Completed with Sterling Silver French ball earwires.

Set: $82