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Beaded Choker Sets - 209

Cinnabar and Bronze Beaded Glass Choker Set

beadedchoker sets

This choker is handmade with light sandy colored cinnabar beads, which have exquisite handcarved flowered designs on both sides of their surfaces. Pairs of shiny bronze faceted beads reflect on opposite sides of citrine gemstone clusters between the bronze beads, creating a nice shine. The choker is completed with a gold-plated lobster claw clasp and measures approximately 17.5" in length.


beaded choker sets

Detailed image of light sandy handcarved cinnabar beads, shiny bronze faceted glass beads and citrine gemstone clusters.


beaded choker sets

Matching 1" earrings on 14k gold-plated French ball earwires, are designed with pairs of citrine clustered gemstonesatop bronze faceted glass beads.