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Handmade Chokers - 107

Twice Multiple Wood Beaded Choker

beaded chokers that are handmade by HoustonCrafts.com

A 15" - 15.25" beaded choker is intricately handmade with two strands of nice wood beads or pieces all around the neckline. It is quite noticeable to see an assortment of nice wood beads, which range in formations and shades from subtle and hanzy oranges, deep red and browns, lighted root-gold shades, and very dark mulch-colored brownings. Some of these wood pieces experience lovely natural marking in them, with various unique hues of colors, which you can see. The choker has a gold-filled and delicate "flower fan" at the end, and has a small, single wooden bead dangling below it. There is also a dainty and thin 1" long 14K-gold filled chain extender, which does allow further room for a wearer to extend the choker slightly more for comfortability. Completed with a "pewtered-large gold" lobster claw clasp, that can be assembled to the chain for ease.