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Luminescent Green Beaded Boot Bracelet

Luminescent Green Beaded Boot Bracelet

A beaded boot bracelet handcrafted in a unique design of nice porcelain "rings", which have speckles of brown scattered on them. Small "opaline piccaso" glass beads" hang in the center of the green rings to add nice contrasts. You will also notice that pairs of deep, dark wood pieces of "flecks" are situated throughout the bracelets, and apparent glimmers of lovely "bright silvers briolettes" are also sparingly placed within and adding warm shining. The beaded boot bracelet is given a sterling silver flower dangle at the end with the boot bracelet having a small sterling silver lobster claw clasp that hooks over the silver ring to hold the "flower" located near the end. It measures slightly over 10" to 10.25" in length. This is a uniquely green variety with a nice dangle, being a fashionable beaded boot bracelet when worn. :)