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Peacock Pearls and Amethyst Purple Beaded Anklet

beaded anklets handmade in Houston Texas

A 10" beaded anklet which is handmade with six beautiful blue-grey oval freshwater "peacock" pearls. They have a lovely soft ruby-rainbow hue glazing across them for being freshwater lovelies. :) In between them, you will see small bullet-sized freshwater pearls similar to the larger ones, and to accent the design are amethyst-purple Swarovski crystals, that display diamond-shapes around the anklet. Also, are bright, luminescent little tube beads that enhance the shine of the anklet when worn, and they also bring sparkle to the other materials when worn around the ankle. :) A small double gathering of the amethyst-purple Swarovski crystals is hanging down by the sterling silver clasp and adds more brilliance. :)