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Swarovski Crystal Necklaces - 115

Teal Bear Swarovski Crystal Necklace

crystal necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

A very sparkling outline of lovely teal-made "bugle beads" from the Czech Republic, which are eye-catching, as they grace downwards the neckline to a variety of "teal" and "malachite" handmade Swarovski faceted crystals. Both are beautiful to notice in their variety of shades and sizes. :) These bugle beads dazzle in between the Swarovski crystals, with the neckline having a 16.5" to 16.75" length when worn. Their is a very distinguishable and breath-taking "teddy bear" aurora borealis faceted crystal, making its fabulous array in the 2.5" center of the necklace. The "teddy bear" crystal is a one-time creation which is handcrafted individually by Swarovski only. :) The bear crystal is given more dazzle of the two different green Swarovski crystal, just above the pendant itself. :) All together, the necklace is a very stunning and rare accessory in many manners. The necklace is completed with a silver clasp, having two links allowing for the wearer to decide which length is the best appropriate for them.


Swarovski crystal necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

Detailed image of the "teddy bear" which hangs on a handmade pear-drop loop in then center as the pendant, with aurora borealises throughout it. The pear-drop loop is also handmade with the Czech Republic "bugle beads, and also shows the teal and malachite faceted Swarovski crystals shining through the necklace, as the dazzling above the Swarovski bear as well. :)