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Swarovski Crystal Necklaces - 114

Swarovski Crystalline and Aurora Borealis Black Triple Necklace

crystal necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

A lovely handmade necklace or lariat that is assumable to manuever with white, black, or any style of clothing. This design has a wonderful single center piece of the pure style of necklace, which measures at 26" with its clasp. Sparkling clear Swarovski rounded crystals are used in many patterns and designs between its necklace and the two individual 'latches' on both sides. You will see subtle aurora borealis hues in the clear crystals all over the upper body which is amazingly beautiful. Now you will see three different kinds of black beads. These beads are glass styles which hue from wonderful handwork in Czech Republic. Also will be aurora borealis in the largest black beads, then the medium style sized black beads will demonstrate soft impressions over them with very dainty reflections of gold slightly over them. That is a very nice and unique orignalness. Now the smallest black beads are in flattened styles with no alternating aurora borealis or impressions on these. All these Swarovski rounded and aurora borealis crystals are definitely made with these Czech Republic glass beads with some aurora borealis hues and the small black ones none in these alternative and unique patterns. :) These all mixture of beads are attached to sterling silver wire chain, and are attached to a sterling silver vintage double-strand link lines. :)

There is one latch line that enumerates from the beginning of the clasp line and dangles at 17" in a variety of patterning in one line that adds beauty on one side of the necklace in front. There is also one latch line that enumberates from the beginning of the clasp line and dangles at 20" in a variety of pattering in one line that adds beauty on one side of the necklace in front. It is wonderful gorgeous attachments that these two latches can either both hang on in front with the necklace, or both latches can hang on in front opposite the necklace in the back for ways to add amazing hues in the backline. One latch can also be hung in front with the necklace for unique ways to add design, or however a lady would like to wear these beautiful beads with their stylish ways to add beauty. :) It is nice this lariat can be worn with each style to be amazing, but to please be delicate, dainty and fragile with the unique and dainty handmaking to be beautiful always. :) :)


Detail Image

Swarovski Crystal Rounds with Aurora Borealis Black Triple Necklace

Above are nice close-ups of the beautiful Swarovski rounded crystals and various Czech Republic glass beads which are all handmade with wonderful and glorious beauty and variety. :) Also the Sterling Silver wire-chain enwhich the lovely beads and their nice enlifting hues of beauty can all be seen and admired. :) Please be gentle yet fashionable and stylish with elegance and wonderful beauty. :)