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Swarovski Crystal Earrings - 410

Sterling Silver Rounded Eye Swarovski Crystal Earrings

crystal earrings handmade in Houston Texas

Dangling at a dainty manner, this handmade pair of earrings is at one large clear Swarovski crystal, emiting with only aurora borealis hues laying over the crystals. You will see colors such as purples, blues ivories, and such over the crystals which hang from Sterling Silver French ball earwires. The earwires have raised and rounded centers that have French cuts laying all around the sides of the earwires atop. This is a nice, sparkling and unique pair of earrings which beautifully lays with any outfits a lady wears. The earrings hang a small amount past 1" on each earwire. A short pair when worn. :)

crystal earrings handmade in Houston Texas