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Swarovski Crystal Earrings - 208

Relaxing-Vintage Swarovski Crystaldrop Earrings

Swarovski crystal earrings handmade in Houston Texas

Luminescent clusters of Swarovski crystals of dangle at the bottom of mystical deep-orange and deep-red Swarovski faceted teardrop crystal which are hovered with "vintage-styled" silver caps above the crystals. :) Then above top you will see two sizes of deep red Swarovski marquis crystals, and then smaller "black diamond" Swarovski marquis crystals above the dark red ones to accentuation. The much larger Swarovski teardrop crystals dangling below have very slite shades that might be noticed, but not all together at the same time. :)These earrings will also look wonderful when worn for Thanksgiving, Holidays, or any seasonal gathering to welcome. :) The earrings are hanging from 14K gold plated French ball earwires for security. :)