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Swarovski Crystal Chokers - 111

Malachite Green Crystal Choker with Aurora Borealis Seashell Pendant

crystal chokers handmade in Houston Texas

This shining 15.5" feminine choker is handmade brilliantly with a neckline of only deep green malachite rondelle Swarovski crystals which sparkling fine. Their faceted brilliance is stunning all over down to the large pendant of a stunning seashell pendant. This gorgeous seashell, also handmade by Swarovski, has a fine coloring of aurora borealis that also has a mixture of light golds and light blues blended. The pendant can also be arranged front and back which can be versified on both sides to always look glamorous. The choker is completed with a large sterling silver lobster claw clasp. All in all, this choker is very sparkling!


Sparkling Swarovski handmade choker sets handmade in Houston Texas

Detail image of deep green Swarovski crystals and its Swarovski aurora borealis seashell pendant.