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Swarovski Crystal Bracelets - 103

Bright Yellow Sun and Water Apricot Crystal Bracelet

Handmade Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

A warming bracelet, which is handmade with varied bright, yellow Sun beads and larger ovaled, round beads. Both beads were uniquely created by masons of the Czech Republic. Glass beads, in an excellent manner, are beautifully processed by very talented masons of the region and always come from a highly regarded area. :) These lovely "Sun" beads are blended into this bracelet with varied sizes of "water apricot" Swarovski Crystals. These two uniquely colors work together in this creation which sizes 8" and looks lovely. The bracelet is completed with a tiny gold-filled lobster claw clasp, and has a gold-filled "vintage"-ornated decoration as a bracelet accent.